Rape survivors say March for Choice ignores real needs of women

The March for Choice is ignoring the real needs of women facing a crisis pregnancy, a support group for women who have become pregnant from rape have said.

Unbroken Ireland, who this week called for better supports for women who are pregnant after rape, said that responses to women in crisis needed to be rooted in compassion and love, and that abortion did not answer women’s needs or help them overcome trauma.

“The March for Choice sees abortion as a solution to a crisis pregnancy but ignoring the humanity of the baby only serves to hurt women more,” said Laura Ní Chonghaile of Unbroken Ireland.

“We see abortion for rape survivors being used to justify repeal of the 8th, but we know from our own experiences that our children may have been conceived in rape, but they are not the rapist’s child, they are our children. Women need love, compassion and support to overcome trauma, abortion is none of those things,” she said.


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