Who we are and What we do

Unbroken is a support and advocacy group for those impacted by pregnancy from rape.

We have found our way through dark and difficult experiences. We have found strength in ourselves. We have found beauty and love in the lives of our children. We have emerged unbroken.

Our goal is to offer support for other women who have been through similar experiences, and advocate for these women and their children. We recognize that we are not defined by our rape experiences, and that our children are not defined by how they were conceived.

We work to ensure that we can rebuild our lives beyond rape; to provide a space to tell our stories, and to advocate on behalf of women and their children.

“We have found strength in ourselves. We have found beauty and love in the lives of our children”Unbroken

Children conceived in rape

Despite the frequent mischaracterization of those conceived in rape as “rapist’s children” or the stigma that society often attached to them, children conceived in rape regularly go on to lead happy, meaningful, and fulfilling lives.

Just like every other child, these children have limitless potential and, regardless of how they came into the world, can go on to contribute amazing things to our world.

Children conceived in rape are no different from anyone else. Whether they are raised by their biological mother or grow up in a family formed by adoption, these are valuable children whose identity is not defined by the circumstance of their conception.

There have been many people who were conceived in rape who have gone on to contribute enormously to the worlds of entertainment, politics, sports, and science. Many more have gone on to lead anonymous and happy lives as regular citizens.

Well-known people conceived in rape include:


  • Layne Beachley

    World champion surfer and author

  • Frederick Douglass

    Whose work led to the abolition of slavery

  • Jesse Jackson

    Former U.S .presidential candidate, activist, and preacher

  • Valerie Gatto

    Miss Pennsylvania 2014

  • Eartha Kitt

    Actress, singer, author, activist

  • Ethel Waters

    Gospel singer, Academy Award winning actress and author

  • Janet Sheen

    married to actor Martin Sheen for over 50 years

  • Kelly Wright

    Former Fox & Friends weekend co-anchor

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