Show your support, stand in Solidarity with these brave women The media and abortion extremists have tried to silence the women of Unbroken, who have powerful stories to tell. Stories which overcame fear and hate. Stories which are inspirational, compassionate and full of love. We are hosting 4 brave women today who have put themselves forward to share their harrowing … Read More

Rape survivors say March for Choice ignores real needs of women

The March for Choice is ignoring the real needs of women facing a crisis pregnancy, a support group for women who have become pregnant from rape have said. Unbroken Ireland, who this week called for better supports for women who are pregnant after rape, said that responses to women in crisis needed to be rooted in compassion and love, and … Read More

VENUE CHANGE: Women impacted by pregnancy from rape speak out in first for Ireland

We were forced to change the venue for the hugely important Unbroken talk on Thursday in Dublin, when the Gibson hotel cancelled because of the threat of pro-abortion protests. That the hotel allowed rape survivors to be silenced because of bullies and extremists pushing abortion is absolutely shameful.     Nonetheless, these women will not be silenced, and on Thursday … Read More

Come hear these brave, inspiring women speak

Can we provide women impacted by pregnancy from rape a better answer than abortion? These women, who will share their extraordinary testimonies, say we can. They will speak  as guest of Unbroken Ireland at the  “Ending the Silence: women impacted by pregnancy from rape speak out” meetings in Dublin and Cork as follows: DUBLIN: The Spencer Hotel, IFSC, (Near the … Read More

Moving story told in the San Antonio Express of Mercedes & Samson

Mercedes Soto, a former gang member who got pregnant after being assaulted, holds her son Samson at their home in Edinburg, Texas. She tried to self-abort through pills, toxic teas, and other methods, but none worked. Still seeking an abortion, she went to the McAllen Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic when a pro-life sidewalk counselor convinced her to keep the … Read More

Raped at 14 by someone she trusted, Julia chose life for her baby

Hi, my name is Julia, and I was raped at 14 years old by a friend of the family who we all thought was trustworthy. Despise the fact of being just a child myself, I decided to have my baby because, like me, she was innocent and she didn’t have to carry the guilt of the aggressor who, eventually, is … Read More

Why This Rape Survivor Chose Life for Her Daughter

Crystal Willis-Blount, a birth mother and a rape survivor, says that she and her daughter are not “talking points” for pro-choice politicians. In an interview with The Daily Signal, Willis-Blount said that at 14, she was placed in an advanced math class with older students. One day, a fellow student lured her into an empty room at the high school … Read More